Saturday, May 14, 2005

Survey Results 6: Media Use

The last results from the survey are central to this thesis, and are also very comprehensive. For this reason, this post will have to be divided up into many more posts, which will be dealing with the following subjects:
  • a) Communication

  • b) Chat, Online Communities and Personal Websites

  • c) News

  • d) Online Purchasing

  • However, here's a little media use background for Danish TCKs in general:

    Internet Access
    13 individuals access the internet from home. Six also access the internet from school or work, and one person only has access from work (this is due to having recently moved house.) Finally, David only has internet access from friends' houses and webcafés.

    Internet Skills
    12 respondents pay their bills through the web, expressing therefore a good level of trust in the web. As we shall see, this is underpinned by the fact that all of the respondents have tried purchasing something online. Ten individuals are able to create simple webpages, and finally, six respondents are able to construct complex websites or do computer programming. These data are mainly useful with regard to getting a general idea of the web skills that the respondents have, and to give a good indication of why some do not, for instance, have a personal website (the answer therefore possibly being that they do not have the skills for this.)

    Internet Experience
    The respondents have had between 5 and 10 years of experience with the Internet, with an average of 8.3. We can therefore comfortably say that this sample of respondents are not novices of Internet.


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